About XtraVert

The XtraVert Team

Hello. We're XtraVert and we make ramps.

Whether you're looking for a mini quarter ramp to practice your beginners' skills, something to help you perfect your tricks or a complete, custom-built skate park, we can help.

Skaters born and bred, our fully trained team of carpenters know what it takes to make great ramps and has the skills, experience and craftsmanship to really deliver.

Designed, developed and tested by the team with an insight only skaters have, every product in our range is handbuilt to the highest standards with the best materials available; ensuring a smooth, safe, sweet ride, every time.

But that's not all. XtraVert has skating at its heart, but as a business it's about so much more. By buying one of our ramps you'll be supporting young people to forge their careers as carpenters. Set up in 2008, XtraVert is a social enterprise, which helps young people not in education or employment train as carpenters by using their passion for skating as a hook.

So they get a fresh set of skills to build their future, while you get the benefit of their skate knowledge crafted into every ramp they create.

All our skater-carpenters have come through the XtraVert training programme and there's plenty more behind them. The idea is that by selling our ramps we can continue to help other young people make change happen for themselves and move forward. 

But that's enough about us take a look around and at our brochure to see all the products in our current range, pick something off the shelf, or take advantage of our free bespoke skate park design service, to get something special made.

And don't forget you can always check out our website for the latest updates on products, offers and more.

See you on the tarmac...

The XtraVert Team